The Australian Chlamydia Control Effectiveness Pilot (ACCEPt) is a chlamydia testing pilot program that was commissioned by the Australian Government Department of Health.

ACCEPt aims to assess the feasibility, acceptability, efficacy and cost-effectiveness of annual chlamydia testing among 16–29 year olds in the general practice setting. This program is assessing whether chlamydia testing can lead to a reduction in the incidence of chlamydia in the population and will assist the government in making decisions about whether to roll out a national chlamydia screening program in the future.

General practices and Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services in 54 towns in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia have been recruited to ACCEPt. Following completion of a baseline chlamydia prevalence survey, participating towns were randomised to either the intervention or to the control group. Clinics in the intervention group have been provided with a multifaceted intervention that aims to support clinics to increase chlamydia testing among men and women aged 16 to 29 years. After completion of a follow-up chlamydia prevalence survey, the final results from ACCEPt are expected to be released in 2016. 

Further details about ACCEPt are available here.

The ACCEPt Trial Protocol available here.